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Apple Ale.

Here's a simple one for you to try. Let me know how you get on with this one, because I only found it yesterday.

Apple Ale.

You need:-

Two pounds of apples.
One and a half pounds of sugar.
Half a teaspoon of cloves.
A gallon of water.
One ounce of root ginger
A pinch of cinnamon.

This is what you do.

You grate the apples core and all.
Stick the grated apple in a bucket with the water and stir daily and then strain.
It doesn't say it in the recipe, but I'd cover the bucket with a clean tea towel to keep the fruit flies at bay.
After aweek, strain the mixture and then add the sugar and spices. Stir it until the sugar has disolved.
Leave over night and then strain through muslin before bottling.
Cork the botttles lightly, because it will be fizzy.
Leave for a week before drinking your Apple Ale.

It might be nice to produce this for your non alcohol drinking guests at Christmas.

sounds alright, i,m trying to think if i,ve got any non alcohol drinking friends  

Hawkeye wrote:
sounds alright, i,m trying to think if i,ve got any non alcohol drinking friends  

Drop a couple spoonfuls of yeast in it, and it will be ok to give to your friends Hawkeye.  

I'm thinking that it will probably be a bit alcoholic anyway. The fizziness will be caused by the natural yeasts on the apples.
maine moose

that sounds a nice  one will steel that one from you bodger

I stole it in the first place.

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