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Appenzeller Spitzhauben - Silver Spangled

They were milling about after wheat so their heads were down all the time, but for a brief second they were in shot, though not good focus, but it gives some idea.  I shall try again another time.  I am liking them a lot, pretty birds, small so cheap to feed, nice ivory white eggs and rarely miss a day laying.

I love their cute little hats

All in all   ,


A bit of history - they are a Swiss breed originating from the Appenzell canton in NE Switzerland and are reputed to have been known in the local monasteries there as early as the 16th C

The breed society says that they were imported here from Switzerland in 1972

I have always liked the look of them but steered away as I thought they were just a show breed, but in fact they are good egg layers.  As I say so far I am liking them I shall keep you informed as to how they go on.

They are very lively but I don't find them over nervous.
Dave C

Bonny looking birds

What kind of size are there white eggs?

They havent been laying all that long and started off about 45 grms.  Now getting up to around 50 grms.  So still small, but everyone who has tried them gives them a good    on internal eating/cooking qualities. And the shell texture  is excellent.

The old books say large eggs, but of course in the olden days there were no really large eggs.  I remember reading that Beethoven had a doz. eggs for his mid-day meal one day, then you realize how small they probably were and he doesnt seem quite such a glutton.

I am hoping that after their first moult they get at least up to 53-63grms.  As I said I shall try and post the egg weights once a month.  It will make an interesting record for me

Yes, they are excellent layers & they are not known for broodiness either. IMO one of the prettiest breeds .

I havent any digital scales (yet) otherwise I would weigh mines eggs.
Rosie Posie

ahh I have the gold spangled (and a blue pullet) lovely hardy birds. In fact during the recent snow they were the only ones of my chooks outside.

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