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jacquie sullivan



Being a newbie, I'm having problems answering threads, end up tagged to your threads  so apologise to every one, if I am hitching a lift on your thread, I dont feel this is a fault re OTG, Im a bit techno phobic, also my tagged threads are not being read, so have decided not to answer any more threads, until I can go back to kindergarten probably in September        
Jacquie Sullivan

That one is your own I'm sure someone will sort it  out for you I'm no better than you at   this this just got children to set it up for me   don't go we need you

don't go - I am sure Kaz will sort it for you.  Its probably something simple like when you want to reply hitting reply button at the bottom and not the quote button - or there is a glitch!

Jacquie, I have just looked through your forum posts.

It is a common error that we have all experienced when we first joined an Internet forum.

You are hitting the quote icon instead of the reply icon, and then not scrolling down the typing box to below the quote:  You are adding your reply in the quoted text area, and not after it.  

It is something that we have all done, and all you have to do is ensure that if you do want to quote a previous post is that you type after seeing final [ /quote ] part on the reply page.

You will then end up with a reply that looks like this

Quoted text area

with your reply below the quote here ...... I hope this makes sense.

For a general reply without using a quote, just click on the reply icon in the bottom left corner of the page, and then type away to hearts content. Check what you have written by clicking on the preview icon, if you like what you see, click on the submit icon and the jobs a good'un.

If you wish to edit what you have seen in the preview, just scroll down the page until you see the reply box, make your amendment, and the hit the submit icon

You can also edit a post within 1440 minutes (or 24 hours) after you have made a post just by clicking on the edit icon, make your corrections, and then click on the submit icon again.

i have the same problem if i use a quote i allways put a space after the quote as it doesn't show the final bit same as if you enter a url i put a space after the url address befor typing any thing else as it does not show the url address is finnished just my way

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