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Anyone know anything about Goldfish?

One of our goldfish has developed a lump on its head. Its the same colour as he/she is.

I've been to our local pet shop and the guy there is pretty clued up on fish, but had no idea about our chap. I bought some methylene blue, just to try something, and oddly enough, when I peer at him through the colour, the lump looks a different colour - similar to the white ish colour on the other fish.

Anyway, I've googled, and drawn a blank and would really appreciate some help on this, if anyone has any ideas please?

Thanks xx

It looks just like this:
Hope it works?

It looks a bit like fish pox to which as far as im aware there ia no cure as its viral.... but there are so many things it could be such at a fungus.. I would go to a specialst koi keeper and ask their advice. also ask about salt!!

I don't know anything about goldfish but maybe you could join this forum.

They're bound to want to help a lady in distress.

Oh thanks Bodger! Thats great. I've registered and hope they can help. I'll try to look more like a damsel in distress and less like an old battleaxe who's been dragged through a hedge backwards ;)


Good luck - let us know how you get on.

I will do. Thanks.

If it is fungal, a drop of potassium permangenate in the water may help.

Hope you get some answers on the fish forum.

Thank you Sapphire

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