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anyone here an architect?

Need some advice.....

I used to be an Architect Technician, before I turned to the dark side and went into IT.

Not sure if that helps you however  

Okay - problem of the day....

How do we incorporate an apex roofed hipped extention on this existing extention, tying it into the main bungalow....?

Click to download file

It needs to be a hipped extention to get the height inside.


Are you putting the extension only over the existing rendered structure?
It looks like you do not need a hipped roof, rather a Mansard type roof to give the additional headroom up there, with a square gable not a hipped gable. Google "Mansard Roof" for info
First thing is to check if the foundations to the existing structure is up to the job. Best bet is to look for a local Structural Engineer to advise.

Done the structural engineer bit, and dug the hole to expose the foundations.  There is breezeblock at least 3 rows and below this bedrock!  Its solid 18 inches down!

Will google mansard...(havnt a clue what you mean)

Oooh.....Mansard roof....very possible.

Looking at the photos of the existing building will this tie in to the existing roof okay? (The crap conservatory is ancient and will be removed but we cant afford to redo it the way we'd like at the same time)

Will the pitch on the new roof be enough to have solar panels?

There should be no problem tying the new roof to the existing, you will need to have a new part gable constructed to close in the new roof to the existing walls and then reducing timbers cut to fit on site to complete the tie in. Any decent builder should be able to do it.

The structural engineer did a bit of teeth sucking, but i think thats a Cornish thing......

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