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green man

Anyone else have serious mole

Problems, down  the bottom field for the first time in ages -looks like I have a serious attack of mole pox soon have more mole hills than grass. but I hate to kill them "Tales of the river bank" and all that, please tell me they will go away in the summer.

Since the big freeze & all that   snow, the moles have gone crazy  
Been mole trapping everyday since last  10 days now i can get on the land.

Everybody wants their moles done at once (as usual )  Got traps out all over the place, Private lawns/farms   fish farm etc    

Green man get  a local mole trapper in who knows what  hes doing , get them sorted as it will only   get WORSE  
chicken feed

 sorry to say it but the only solution to moles is to trap and kill them, as already said they only get worse.

We could always live trap them...Take them into the cities and let them go
green man

My little wood is maturing now it surrounds the field and the moles seem to have taken to the pasture for the winter and are multiplying with the size of the trees, I hope they will return to the woods come the spring and then I can flatten the hills with the mower.
welsh lamb

Until recently we had a lawn...............................

They aren't allowed to use poison any more for them, are they so they are running amock!

My local cricket club had the same problem with mole hills appearing everywhere what they done was continually rolled over the mole hills..It took a bit of patience but eventually the moles got tired of it and moved into more agricultural field next door,i am not saying it works for everyone but it worked for them.

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