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any tortoise lovers here?

Does anyone here keep tortoises?
I thought you might like to see one of my pets, Fifi the hermanns tortoise:

She likes warm baths, eating pansies and being a nosey parker about the house! I keep her indoors in a converted rabbit cage as I don't want to put her outside until she's bigger and the weather's warmer.
Hope you like her!  

Oh - she is lovely ....just what I want.
I know a place that sells them at Oswestry!

I thought the selling of tortoises had stopped years ago!

Lovely by the way!  :-)

They stopped selling wild caught tortoises years ago, you're right, but you can still buy captive bred ones if they come with a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certificate from DEFRA proving they are captive bred.

Oh and I'm pleased you like her!

Ah! Thanks for the explanation. I knew it was summat like that, it's just me poor brain takes a bit longer to process the information these days!

Much nicer to look at than those bugs! Ugh! :q28:

She is lovely, tortoises are great creatures. I know this is a bit anthropormorphic, but Fifi is looking right at the camera....."does my shell look big in this" sort of thing.  My sister had a HUGE one, Angela, bigger than a big dinnerplate, and a small one that looks to be about the size of your Fifi, I saw her today and she was doing laps around her pen.....dunno what that was all about!

She's tiny!

The tortoise I had as a kid is still going strong.  He had such a bad reputation for escaping that every time one was found locally, it was brought to our house.  Everyone who'd lost one knew to come looking at ours as well.  Eventually, one of the strays went unclaimed and came to live with Slowcoach.  Over thirty years on, him & Fred still bicker in their run.

missed this one as been offline for 2 weeks as pc went bust got 12 torts 3 hermanns,2 indian stars,1 horsefield 1 leopard,and 5 redfoots.

Wow 12 tortoises!   Fantastic! I bet your garden gets decimated in the summer  :-)

They are gorgeous. Our local pet store sells them. 150 a pop and they are sooooo tiny. Often fancied one but my grandkids grandkids would still be looking after it. :q28:

monkeybum wrote:
They are gorgeous. Our local pet store sells them. 150 a pop and they are sooooo tiny. Often fancied one but my grandkids grandkids would still be looking after it. :q28:
its highly likely to be a wild caught one,riddled with disease they buy them in as little as 30,each if they order a quantity in,wc means wild caught and cf means captive farmed where they catch the torts then sell on any babies that hatch out, you can get uk captive bred hermanns for 100 of a uk breeder.

We have a tortoise called maggy. Strong as an ox she is.
The only trouble we have found with looking after them is when they fall ill. As not that many vets in these parts have the knowledge to treat them.

hi,gary go on tortoise trust site im sure you will find a tortoise vet near you in essex,i have to travel to merther for mine.
lara janzen


Where I live in Turkey we have many many wild tortoises - several breeds are native here but not sure what they are.  Some hibernate and some dont - as the winters are quite mild.

Due to the high summer temperature here they move very very fast.

They are also protected here in the same way as the UK - it is nothing to see a car pulled up on the hard shoulder of a motorway and some kind soul carrying a tortoise across the road.

The only thing the turks curb their manaical driving for is tortoises.

Happy munching

I have a map turtle not a tort but you're tort is cute!

id love one but the price of them puts me off but i would love one
deyzis mum


I adores them, had one when i was little but it didnt live very long :sad10:

just picked up another tort yesterday 05 hermanns  

Do different types need to be housed differently?
I would like one that is outdoors in the summer rather than been kept indoors with lights/heating etc all year round :-?

yup cant mix species,sounds like you need a hermanns/horsefield tort find a breeder in the uk and will only pay bout 100.petshop ones normally wild caught and cost a fortune at the vets.

See what I mean!  :q11: sister got in there first telling you about my little tort. People fall about and don't belive me when I tell them that he hibernates in the fridge! My problem with him is that they are supposed to eat weeds from the garden but he won't touch anything that doesen't come from Sainsburys.

boverygal wrote:
See what I mean!  :q11: sister got in there first telling you about my little tort.

These sisters :-?  They always cause trouble :q28:
It must be a shock to open the fridge and find a tortoise in there :-?

:: try the romaine lettuce then in the summer offer the weeds and not any other food it will give in torts can go months without food you just have to be cruel to be kind.least the weeds are free so you wont have to pay and as fresh picked will still have 1st class quality compared to supermarket veg.

I love tortoises,

When I ventured to Morroco last May it was soley to find out about there animal "trade" and my own personal experiance with "Snake Chamers" thats another story, if wanted. Let me know I've had a few "Bans" from sites when I state my findings and fact... (my husband assumed it was a holiday LOL!).

Unfortunatly in Marrackesh I found my worst nitemare...
the picture below is on some local tortoise rescue centre sites (gave it them free to help premote welfare etc).

I was chased (also my 3 male "body guards" Mark, his brother and freind all big boys) by locals when I got caught takeing photo's after the sellers had explained how to smuggle them back into England! The cost of these poor creatures in our money was about 7.35!.

This photo is not great but as was stated by the WWF nd other sites a rare picture to show how many of our "Pet" tortoises start off after the wild to end up in our country.
I counted in this cage 40 tortoises taken from the wild :-

I found a cage like the tortiose one holding 16 wild caught chamelions also, that camera was smashed by locals...
Are Coach tour guide got us away from the situation.

I would rant futher but...
Thats another story I guess :-)

Edited:- I do feel need to thank "Mohammed 1 & 2" for there help and advise whilst in North Africa, without there help I'd be in a "Tagine" LOL.

I had always wanted a tortoise as a youngster, finally I bought two 7 and 8yr old hermans last summer and luckily they have never been hibernated so they stay in my lounge all the time.

forgot to ask, have both sexes, will they mate without being hibernated as my book doesn't state? thanks

dinglydell wrote:
will they mate without being hibernated

Not in the living room! :smt103  :smt103  :smt103

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