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Any idea?

What this is. It has long hollow stems.

Sorry don't know but it's a beautiful flower and looks like some sort of iris I think.

It's balsam.....a bit of a scourge as it is'nt native to us. Grows very rampantly around rivers and canals. The seeds develop in pods and when they are ripe you only have to touch the pods and they explode, scattering the seeds everywhere!!!

Oh so not a good idea to have in the garden then (just looked it up on the web) Shame as it is very pretty, best get digging  

It's taking over the local ponds around here

Himalayan Balsam- An invasive non native species- its on our hit list at work along with knotweed and giant hog weed.

Its a type of Impatien I think.
green man

I love them, great for children get them to gently squeeze the seed pods (when they are just ripe) and watch them jump a mile. Most of the plants in my garden aren't native either.

Sooo shall I keep just one   or will I kick myself next year!

Suggest you read this - and just the kill the b***** stuff  :evil9:

Yes our gardens are full of non native plants- but the clue is in its designation as an INVASIVE non native species.

Not only does it  outcompete almost every other plant and create monocultures with no ecological benefit- it can also lead to increased flood risk through flow impedement or increased bank erosion in the winter.

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