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Ants in the compost bin

The compost in my bin is all rotted down and ready to use - but it's become Ant City!! It's absolutely FULL of ants.

I normally deal with ants with a kettleful of boiling water, but that's going to destroy the good bugs in my bin.

What's the best to use to get rid of them?

I was told to just keep digging it over every day or 2, they soon get the hint thats its not worth all the work to re build the coloney and move, its not the sort of thing you can do with a lawn but a compost bin is fine.
matt the rat

Are they doing any harm where they are?

Insects like ants can be beneficial in the garden, and provide a good food source for other species.

Boiling water doesn't really work anyway.

I'd leave them to get on with working your compost down.

I'm OK with just a few ants, but I've had a few plants die here when ants have built nests in the root system - and it's one BIG nest in the compost bin.  

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