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In the last couple of days there's been coverage in the media about some diseases becoming immune to the antibiotics that are currently available to our medical practitioners.
This brings me on nicely to this morning and my visit with Grace the labrador to the vets. She needed her anal glands emptying, as she'd been dragging her bottom on the floor in recent days. I got to the surgery at about 8.40 am and the place was empty. I was able to go straight into see the vet and thirty seconds later the job had been done. The vet said that it certainly needed doing and that because there was a little soreness in the area, it would be better if he gave the dog an injection. He saw the look of hesitation on my face and quickly said " If she normally gets better without an injection, then that'll be fine" Injection ! My a**e !       No wonder the effectiveness of antibiotics is waning. There was absolutely no reason to give the dog a jab and IMO, the vet was going through what is a routine coffer filling exercise. Anything that stays still long enough gets a jab and the owner, a hefty bill. Its well known how much profit can be made out of a bottle of penicillin.
Human patients have a duty not to demand non neccesary antibiotics but dumb animals don't have that choice and the vets must take on the responsibility for the owner and the animal. I'm sure that there are many responsible vets out there but wherever profit is concerned, then there's always temptation.

I had a chest infection over the weekend so went to the doc's on Monday, told him what I had and what I needed to get shot of it.
He looked askance and told me that they don't hand out AB so quickly these days, "Check when I last had any had them." I replied,
"Ah, right, 2006, you don't come here very often do you?"
"Nope, just when I'm ill."
Good to know that they don't hand 'em out like smarties though.

We recently visited a Sheep farm to look at purchasing some early lambs, and in the Shepherds office was approx ten unopened bottles of antibiotic (a general one) He lambs around 200 ewes a year. I asked why he had antibiotics in bulk. His answer was that at lambing time every lamb born is injected because they dont clean out the lambing pens between births and so was a precautionary measure    No wonder they are becoming useless

Another thought !   Ocassionaly during a troublesome birth when i have had to assist in getting the lamb out i always inject afterwards.
To purchase as much AB as i want all i have to do is phone vet and reorder and the cost is very low (about £12 for a bottle) so if i wanted to inject "just in case" as some farmers do it would cost me very little.
Dave C

Up until 2 years ago we had an old Rotti dog called Fletcher, he was a cracking lad, cost me £27 from a rescue centre and one of the best family dogs we have had.

So when he got old you dont mind paying a few quid to make sure he is comfortable, any way he got arthritis in his shoulder and elbow.
The vet put him on various tablets which helped at first then wore off, as time went on he got worse and the tablets more expensive, eventually the vet ran out of ideas and it was obvious what needed to happen.
Imagine my surprise when the vet suggested Removing his leg
I mean the Dog was about 9 Stone and 11 years old, well i had to tell the vet to let him go (not the other way round) and the cheeky sod then said "well if its about the ££££ we can sort something out"
Well i nearly amputated something of his †

So as you can imagine i am not a Fan of the Vets because of some of the †sly and crazy ways they try to get money from you.

I feel better now i have that off my cheast †

I completely agree that the over-use of antibiotics in human and animal medicine is a major problem.  It is causing resistance, and in some cases masking welfare issues as slipster says.  

I'm a vet, and I know that my practice prices things fairly, and that my colleagues and I only dispense medication and advise procedures that are in the best interests of our patients.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.  I'm sure not every vet is the same.  I do wish the NHS would give people an itemized invoice of their treatment, with the balance £0.  It might make people realise that the cost of their pets healthcare is often quite reasonable compared to their own.

Bodger - was it definitely an antibiotic you were offered?  I only dispense those for infected glands, but sometimes give an anti-inflammatory for non-infected but sore glands.  Not to make money, but because I feel sorry for the dog having a sore arse!

I'm not sure, but there definately wasn't and isn't any visible sign of soreness.

zboo we have a vets like you   one for small animals and one for stock also our old doctor was always keen to not give anything if it could be helped other ways don't know about new one yet

Bodger - good, hope she's over the indignity today!

She's been a bit arsey with me today.

On that we milked cow herd for toooo many years and when we started if one of our cows got mastitis normal was to give small tube of penacilin then if she got it again cull her, over the years these got bigger and much more powerful mixes as the resistance built up  now it is getting that they are worried about what to do next.


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