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Anti freeze

Would anyone know what antifreeze and the percentage rates for my IH 574 Tractor

33%.  1 part Glycol antifreeze to 2 parts water. ...........antifreeze is cheap, a damaged rad, head or block is not.

You should be able to buy it by the litre from your local agri dealer.

Some how from the extemely dim and very distant my old grey matter is churning out 9 litre coolant capacity for a 574. But flush the block with clean water first, fill up the system with clean water run engine until hot and drain.... measure the capacity of the drained water to get the antifreeze concentration right.

Thankyou      All done

And just a gentle reminder that tasting sweet, glycol antifreeze is very attractive to dogs and children, and poisonous to both - please store safely and mop up any spills.

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