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Another Town comes out against Plastic bags !

Its about time that more towns followed suit. Hopefully more and more people will realise that in times gone by evry housewife had a shopping bag that was used hundreds and hundreds of times. There's a whole generation of shoppers out there that have been conditioned to expect to be given plastic bags in just about every shop they go into.

I can see why plastic bags with brand names are popular though. If you go to more than one shop whilst out shopping its a way of demarking which goods you have from which shop. It can't be nice to be acused of stealing goods that you have actually purchased from a different store.

I also wonder how much greener paper bags are than plastic. They are obviously far more bio degradable than plastic, but I wonder at just what  cost to the environment they come at.

What compensation do you think the plastic bag producers will be asking for ? :smt103

i always have the big recycleable bags for food shops.but i still get given a load of carrier bags  from all the nik nak shops.
i use them for my rubbish insted of black bags.

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