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another stove question

i want to put a little woodburner in one of the outhouses so i can keep warm in the winter when i am working in there.......
question is, what do i do to line the roof......

the roof is box profile, lined with 1/2 inch plywood, and insulated with would i stop the heat from the chimney ( assuming it would be a metal pipe ) from getting too hot and causing a fire?
i know i would have to put a sleev on the chinmey, well i think i would, but what would it be made of, and how would i stop a back draft. would the chimney have to be a certain height?
the roof is quite low on the outhouse, about 10 feet running down to 8 at the back, and it is the back wall i was thinking of having one.

last year i was using one of those halogen heaters, lots of warmth, but lots of leccy too......

I've stuck my chimney out through the side of my tin barn and then up on the outside without the need for anything else.

you could use twinwall flue pipe which is insulated and a pipe flashing where it goes through the roof. You could probably pick some pipe up secondhand
green man

Somthing like this , there are building regs regarding height of flue once it has passed through the roof and relationship to windows ,vents , roof apex etc, also anything you do may effect your house insurance. icon_rolleyes.gif

thought there might be some sort of regs about height........hhmmm, i will have to look further.......

thanks guys.

That's a VERY useful site GM.

I wandered on to this page.......

Hmmmmmmmm....... interesting!

crikey, i have loads of horse manure here, wondered what to do with it.......

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