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Another Punch!!

Just new to the site and came across this thread from 2012!!
In the last week, i have been given a Qualcast Suffolk Punch 35 DL and need some information on it if any one can help?
The basics, taken from a silvery type label gummed onto the front of the mower are these:

Qualcast Suffolk Punch 35 DL, Ser 5.

No: 018085/F.  95 KW-3000RPM.

382071E is stamped on the engine casing.

Birmid Qualcast (H&GE) Ltd is also on the plate.

On the top of the cylinder head the letters MCDI, or MCD1 are stamped, the letter 'I', or the number '1' being ineligiable.

If anyone can help me asertain the horse power, where to source a manual and where i may source parts from for this machine, i would be eternally grateful, as it is a lovely little machine and worth renovating, which i am looking forwards too next year.
I have taken pictures of the info above and when i find out how to upload pictures on to the site, i will put them up here.
Thank you in anticipation for your help.

If the main casting is aluminium it will be a 98cc four stoke side valve engine.
If the main casting is cast iron it will be a 75cc four stroke side valve engine.
Parts are available on-line from central spares and a lot of Horticultural machinery workshops will have second hand parts for them.

I love the old cast iron engine Suffolk engines and have worked on many hundreds of them.

Hy Gareth, it has been some time since i have been on here, and also to take stock of my 35 DL, due to work commitments etc.

I think that it is the aluminium type engine i have, which would be the 98cc.
Thank you very much for identifying it for me, i will be making a start on it spring/summer this year.

I am awaiting the carburretor and air filter for it, but am ever so slightly concerned as to the TYPE of carb.

It has not got a good write up about this carb apparently--(the zenith?)--so i will take a look on fleabay and see if there are any alternatives i could use instead.

I would like to take this opportunity to say to you and all the other users of this forum, a happy and prosperous new year to you all from myself.

The Zenith carb was fine until it got wear in the throttle shaft. It would then get maverick air symptoms and become difficult to tune.
Suffolk started to fit another carb, I think it was called Delorto. This was fine as new, but the engine displayed running problems as it became older. Very often, the machine would only run reasonably well if the carb was set on half choke.
Gareth mentions a company called "Central Spares", they sold a replacement "vari-jet" main jet system for the Delorto carb which fixed the running problems that became evident as the aluminium engine became worn.
Unfortunately, they no longer sell this part, or I should say that it hasn't been in their catalogue for a number of years. You do often find the carbs for sale on Ebay and suck like, and if you are purchasing one, do look out for one that has had the vari-jet fitted, which will be evident at the bottom of the carb bowl and visible as a screw type bolt and spring.

Most informative of you gwiz, thank you very much indeed for your input, as it will help me no end when i come to restore this mower this year.

Most of the videos on youtube i have seen about the suffolks have mentioned the zenith in one way or another, though of course i am only supposing that it will be a zenith, as i have not actually seen it yet, and nor has my work mate told me what make it is, so i'm only guessing at this point.

The carb could be another completely different one from what i expect!

Once again, thank you for your information!

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