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another hatch

these hatched today the colour is plasma  [lavender]

What are they and how many.

I would like to know what they are as well, also....did you buy the eggs and how many are you expecting?

there corn snakes colour [motley lavender] or plasma theres about ten


these were my best freinds he died a veiw weeks ago massive loss to me anyway he had around 80 snakes which hes wife rehomed to large collectors .she rang me to see if i wanted a incubator but when i went to collect it theres these long eggs ,his wife wanted to turn it of as didnt want any more snakes . i decided to take them and let them run the course as mick would of wanted and here they are .there very rear colours i think .a bit thiner than a pencil and will swollow pink mice in around 1 week

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