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Another Feather in the Cap

A local horticulturist near to me has just had a book published to which i contributed a dozen images...the publisher who chose what the photos were to be printed within the book chose 3 of mine which i was well chuffed about considering they were picking 1 out of every hudred through photo libary's,rhs and other contributors...and if you look below it looks an interesting book from the few pages i have read..well happy


"To take a Photograph is to align the eye,the head and the heart,it's a way of life"- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Well done  

oooh well done - not as easy as it looks.
Yorkshire Geordie

Congratulations, what a success, Rustyboy.  

Looks as though the publisher who picked your pictures must have weeded through dozens of others to find your twelve.


Thats really good news, I'm extremely pleased for you.    

you do take some stunning shots

and well deserved... great news....

Well done
Do we get a sneak look at the 3 images that were chosen?
Grandma Bodger

Very pleased for you well deserved Ive always looked forward to your photos i also hope to see these special ones    


Excellent mate, well done.

I've also had some of my images published in a couple of shooting & countryside magazines, it gives great satisfaction, knowing that other people can see the time and effort that has gone into taking a good image.

One of the reasons I don't post many images on forums these days, (not this one in particular) is when you take the time to find and take images, up load them to photobucket, and then to a forum.  

Only to see many views on your post, but very few or no comments, as people can't be bothered to post a reply.

I personally welcome all comments, positive and negitive, as long as the negitive are positive negitive comments, which might help me to take and post better images.

Anyway ........well done again mate.

well done  

Congratulations, well done!

Thank you people youre way too kind...


"To take a Photograph is to align the eye,the head and the heart,it's a way of life"- Henri Cartier-Bresson

great stuff well done

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