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Anglers Neoprene Gloves at Aldi...

...from Thursday 9th December.  I don't know if these will be any good but I'm told their angling/fishing stuff usually is.  

They'll be 4.99 a pair, 100% waterproof neoprene, adjustable strap, thermal comfort fleece lined, split foldback thumb and forefinger and a textured surface for a better grip.

I can't put a link as they're not on their website yet, just in one of the brochures you get in the shop.  Hope this is of some use to somebody!  
Big Phil

If they do kids size they will be.
Thank you

Hello All

Got myself and Michael some when they were in store...very good value for the money

Rick & Carol

I bought a pare of these when they did them 6 months or so ago. They are smashing and aside from the label not really any different from the barbour ones OH bought me for mega bucks a year or so ago

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