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ands heres little me suited and booted


ummmm....i take it you keep bees then.... :q28:

that's just got me in the mood for some honey on my toast :-)

cheers, paul

Best ive seen you look for a while mate :q28: (Come on, be fair, you would have said it about me )
I hope the camera person was fully protected aswell as they seemed to get close aswell. Was this one of yours that got flooded or the one you said about the other day?
I think its such a great hobby, just a shame im allergic to the things.

Nice to see photos :-) Has it been a good year for honey this year?

Sumo the girl who took the pics stood well back but she had a big lens :-)
Leonie i cant speak for anyone else but honey for me was poor due to the floods :sad10:
mrs fish

great pics bee keeping is something me and fish would like to do.

book yourself on a course well worth the 40 quid about 6 two hour lessons i think
theres a shortage of bees in this country the more beeks there is the better
and i can also offer free advice

sorry you've had a bad year Jim, maybe next year will be better.

agree about the beekeeping course, we did one a year ago and it was great, nice bunch of people at the club too. :-)

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