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and the madd cats

colin and tink(in the front)

and min

tink & min

colin & tink at chrimbo

i could go on..............

Lovely Pix Mrs M

Beth looks lovely but doesn't look as though you are allowed to stroke her


I love cat's excellent pic's bwt   are the 2 long hairs Norwegian Forest's? they look so much like them, I was looking into getting one a few years ago now. Your Black & White's are simply to die for  

aww thank you

beth and min are both maine coons -
so quite similar to norwegian forests

beth is 8 and min`s gandma
min`s 3
they were handed to me after their breeder died
and her husband didn`t want to continue the "business"

they`ve only been here a couple of months and have had quite
a bit of rehab to go though but we`re getting there
colin the big B&W with the cauliflower ear  is
tink`s dad - she`s 9 and colin`s 13

they all keep norman in check nicely for me

They truly are gorgious cats you have there and look VERY contented  
allways had cats myself nothing better than a content cat and odd "purr" offa them    so jelous of you!!!!  
One of our local charity shops here has a resident "guard kit" a BIG old ginger moth eaten mouser whent there today he sleeps on the counter and "susses" out all the customers   I just go there to buy "tat" so I can see him and get the hounored occasional purr   .

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Other pets
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