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And I bet they haven't got a good word for each other.  

How long, have you lived next door to your neighbour and how well, or not, do you get on with them ?
We've lived next door to Eleanor for 23 years and she's lovely.

We've not been next to ours for four years yet but we get on with them as if we have known them forever!! Unfortunately for us they have a second home in St David's in Pembrokeshire and now spend more time there than here!

I've had a variety of neighbours some literally the neighbours from hell,others absolutely lovely. Luckily in what will[probably] be my last house although I've only been here a couple of years other people who live along my lane or thereabouts are brilliant.

My neighbours are all lovely. We do live next door to the rectory and have seen some very strange servants of the Lord come and go   . At the moment thought we have a lovely lady vicar and her husband and 2 lads. I was brought up in the house next door and when this house came up I jumped at the chance to move back into the lane although I had never left the village  

Not had any bother with ours  

we have 36 some for the 16 years we have been here others have changed some great other Hmmmm all seem good now

My neighbours are great either side and before I moved, I had a neighbour called Sharon who had her two daughters at the time who was the best neighbour I've ever had and we're still good friends even though she's moved away.

We did have some awful neighbours once - the worst sort of scrotes you could possibly hope for.  Up all night, playing loud music, obnoxious visitors - that sort of thing.  Long story short - we got rid of em!    

Im afraid we have total scum for neighbours in the house adjoining us, The house was sold about five years ago and the rooms were let out to Eastern Europeans and in that time we have had no end of loud music, shouting and crashing around at all hours, fighting between themselves after a night on the drink and drugs and many other things.
After getting the police and council involved things settled down until last night when we heard some shouting and looked outside to see 3 x police cars, 1 x ambulance and a paramedic car.
It seems that they suddenly disliked each other resulting in a girl and a man coming out of the house bandaged and getting into the ambulance and being taken to hospital, another man was being dragged cuffed and face down kicking and screaming out the house and thrown in a police van and carted off.  
All morning there has been a police scientific van outside with a couple of blokes inside the house I assume gathering evidence.
The bloke who owns the house was here this morning looking a bit down in the mouth because it seems the police opened a few doors during the trouble last night with their battering ram thingy and during the incident several other bits of the house and items in it were damaged.  
Oh well at least its nice and quiet at home this morning because it seems that most of the tenants next door are either hospital or the cells.  

Obviously not living in Bushey then Tony.
At least they're only doing each other mate. Seems not at all unusual for that sort of scenario to happen among them.

We are very lucky, there are 5 houses in our road and all of us get along fine with one another, some are posh some are amiable scallies     there are no anti fieldsports here and only 1 Evertonian.

Just hope a job comes up soon or we will have to move, although a life on the road in our caravan sometimes seems quite heavenly    

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