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green man

And for the cosy cat!

I saw this and thought what a good idea, I bet most handy blokes could make one.

I had one of these and my cats adored it, but three cats tring to squash in made it droop!

we have 2 and the cats are just starting to use them again, its a sign that the nights are cetting chilly

My cats liked them very much. But like all toys, after a few month they didn't bother anymore.... :biglol:

We bought one and our cat wouldn't go near it

I had two for my cats.  The older cat wasn't interested as she always seemed to like to have a "solid" surface underneath her if you know what I mean.  The younger cat, he would rolypoly into an upside down position with all paws in the air - he used to love it  

I got a cheap one for my cats and they love it.  It sits under the table and it is especially fun to prod whoever and whatever may be sitting above.

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