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And another funghi question

Can anyone identify this beauty? (Beefsteak?) And does anybody know for certain if any of the bracket funghi are not edible, if so which ones?

That's not Beefsteak according to my book...
Beefsteak description
Texture and colour of this bracket is rather rubbery,deep reddish , rather like uncooked liver. Grows mainly on oak trees,June to September.Tends to bleed when cut, despite its appearance is considered good by some.

Nearest I can find so far to your pic is Pleurotus cornucopia, not quite the same as this seems to have a frilly edge and dimpled where the stem meets the head.Not Edible.
Best I can do at the moment , still learning...sure Duane will be along soon.

One thing , unless 100% sure not eat....
Bulworthy Project

Looks like dryads saddle.  If they are dryads saddle they are delicious when young.

Found it....thanks Bullworthy....      slinks away..  
Duane Dibbley

Yes.....that's Dryad's saddle. Anything under 10cm diameter will be really nice and tender - the larger ones are still edible (check for worms first) but benefit from slow cooking, excellent in stews  

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