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As most of you probably know, Karen and I are going to be moving from our smallholding at the end of the summer, so as we get ready for our move, it's fast becoming a case of everything must go.
What I don't want to happen, is to see all my hard work and endeavour to disappear into the wild blue yonder.
My LF Anconas are really very good. They are definitely the best pure bred layers  that I've ever owned and I'd like them to continue.
I'm making my entire flock of Anconas available free to a knowledgeable home.
I have a superb stock cock and ten yearling hens plus about a dozen this years chicks off heat.
I understand how difficult it is to make room for a large influx of stock but at least any interested parties will have a couple of months to prepare.  
Think about it, I guarantee that anyone who has them wont be disappointed.

Bodger  what size eggs do the Ancona lay ?

A good size, if you're considering having my Anconas, then I'd be more than happy to send you half a dozen eggs to have a look at. Of course I'd send you the biggest one's.
I'd love someone like yourself to take them on, so that I could have some back one day.
Dave C

Well that's a fantastic opportunity for someone  

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