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Friends ! ( you know who you are   ) Over the years quite a few of you have had hatching eggs from my Light Sussex and I don't think any of you have been disappointed with the standard of the birds that have hatched from them.
BUT none of you as yet have succumbed to trying some of my Ancona hatching eggs, so here goes, with one last try. Not only are they pretty rare here in the UK and beautiful to look at but they lay an amazing number of pure white eggs that are of a fantastic size too.
There you go, I've tried my best, I've got eggs coming out of my ears right now. I'd be gutted if anything were to happen to my birds, they really do need to be in more hands than they are right now. Go on give em ago.

Sandrar you may very well never look at your Exchequers in the same light again.

Whose the Daddy ?

I took these photos yesterday afternoon. The birds were enjoying the last rays of the days sun before toddling off to roost for the night.


That,s a fine looking rooster you have there

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