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Anchor Supplies

Don't you just love the real military surplus places? I guess any of you from Derbys and Notts already know and love Anchor but for everyone else
My latest  purchase is a very smart ex police Gortex overcoat, said it was grade A issued but if its been worn at all it can't have been more than once or twice. Cost? All of 15 and slightly more worn ones were 5 - 10.

I dropped on masses of useful stuff yesterday. I had a phone call from the wife of a very dear friend who passed away a couple of years ago. She's asked me to get rid of all his stuff from a double garage. Its very sad but exciting at the same time too. There are one or two old bits of army surplus included too. no tanks or weapons but an army issue and what I'd describe as a leather army jerking. plus a very old fuel can. Its going to take me months to work my way through what my old friend collected. Thankfully, he marked and labelled most of his collection.

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