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An Old Book

An old book ( 1962) has lead me to an even older one . I'd love to have a look at it but really can't justify the cost. Its called 'How to trap and snare' by William Carnegie AKA Moorman.

If you have a look at this link you'll see what I mean by the cost.

i have practical trapping by the same author but havent seen this one you could try ebay  

Jim check the E bay link on my post.
Rare one

Bodger I've just phoned Kaz with some less expensive leads,

Given the codes of practice on snaring issued by BASC the techniques are probably different now. - The one for foxes seems to be designed not to catch them !

Bodger if it is published 1910 may be available as a download as it should be out of copyright.

try google books - some are fully available as a PDF.

I'll try that, what do I have to do exactly ? I'm a technoidiot.

Here Bodger mate

Thats brilliant  thanks

bearinator wrote:
Here Bodger mate

If Google thinks you're in the USA, you can download the book. You need to use a proxy to make Google think you're in the USA. Here's a list of some free proxies:
Not all of them will allow you to download.


I've got Carnegie's " Practical Game Preserving " on my shelf. Original copy.

Partridge Jam?!  

I bet that tastes fowl.    

Have look here mate.;qid=1262294666&sr=1-1-fkmr0

I brought this book about a year ago from Amozon its a good read.

If you want another good read try this one Countryman's cooking by W.M.W. Fowler, not wnat you would call PC, but a good read never the less.

Thats a good price.
I swear by ABE books and here's the cheapest that they could offer.

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