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An interesting snippit.

On this very day in 1995 a man found a 40lb pike in a flooded bunker at Wetherby Golf Club in West Yorkshire. The fish was set free in a nearby river. Give me fishing over golf every time.

Are pike the ones that can move over the ground - or is that eels?

Thinking about it - its eels isn't it, so presumably it was flooded in.  That one big fish.

All the best
Hillend Dabbler

That's an incredible tale.  

Aye lad, theer's nowt like a Yorkshire Pike  

It,s a bit too bony for me

There's a small town near us that was, before the arrival of the Pit, a Spa Town - people actually used to come come to 'take the waters'.
It has a lake and the story since I was a kiddywink is that parts of it are very,very deep - perhaps bottomless    - in it lives a legendary pike, of great size and age.

Now I think of it, don't other places have their legendary pikes?

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