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An incubator?

Last year, an elderly chap came to our house for some duck eggs and we had a bit of a chat. When I say elderly, what I really meant to say was that he was older than me.
He told me that he had an incubator at home that he'd used just the once and would I be interested in buying it? At the time I was interested  and he told me that he'd bring it along for me to have a look at the next time that he was in the area.
Well today, he turned up with a Hova-Bator 1632, which looks to be in a tidy condition. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was scaling down the poultry prior to our move, so the upshot is that I've bought it off him for thirty quid.
What do you think? A good buy or not ? It takes 40m eggs, is an automatic turner and comes with all the instructions etc.

PS. This all happened just a few minutes ago and Karen is still out walking the dog so at the present, she doesn't know about my new purchase.  
Dave C

Sounds a good buy mate, even if the timing is a little off  
If it hatches more than 3 eggs it's better than my recent purchase  

Good luck with Karen she will probably think it's a waste of money & she'll probably be right  

Well, looking at prices on Gumtree, you could maybe even turn a profit selling it on ?


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