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An exciting adventure.......

Martin, our computer literate son, has given his notice in at work today because he has booked an around the world ticket and flies out to Bancock on 7th May
He will work out his notice and then come home for a (too) brief couple of weeks before he starts his adventure.............Bancock to follow of his adventure

Well looking forward to seeing those Kaz

Karen and I are thinking about going to see him in the new year, possibly when he's in New Zealand. We might get to have a cup of tea with Sod.
I hate the thought of Mart being away for so long but if he doesn't do it now, then he never will. He's our gentle giant but once he decides to do something, then he does it.

  Great stuff good on him. Would love to meet him and you all if you can. Love to know when he is here and where he is going here      

As you say Karen if he does'nt do it while he is young enough then he will probably regret it later on in life.  I only wished that we had had the chance when we were younger.  Good luck Martin, enjoy  

Good luck to the lad, I hope he enjoys every minute, just think of the welcome home party......l

Good for him!  
Hope he has a great time and stays safe

Good for your boy   im sure he'll have a great time & look forward to seeing pics of his trip.

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