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An article for you to read.

I'm sure that all of you, especially Chickenfeed will enjoy reading this article. The author asks the question much better than ever I could.

Go on then, which other foods do you think shhould be afforded the same protection as Gloucester Old Spot Pork? This is quite obviously not just a pig question, which food or drink would you like to champion?

Well.......i have to say  that being the new owners of 3 lovely British Lop weaners tho without having tasted their meat.....they have to be my current favourite        lovely long loins    busy little pigs   and cute pink faces.....when they emerge from rootling in the mud    and as said   they need all the help they can get

I think all the tradtional pure bred pigs need this status .  i am truly fed up with going into shops/farmers markets and seeing pork labelled as Berkshire; large black; saddle back etc and on questioning being told that actually its only the boar that is that breed they use commerical sows.  same goes with many of the tradtional slower groing breeds animals, devon ruby, exmoor horn, highland  etc etc  I think meat is one of the main things that is open to exploitation which is taken advantage of to a huge degree
chicken feed

I agree with you Debbie a x breed is just a pig and should only be sold as pork.

I tattoo and birth notify all my pigs so anyone selling the pork can be 100% sure it is 100% lop and its fully traceable back to me the breeder.

going back to the article clarrisa Dickson wright also claims the lops make the best flavoured pork she has eaten.

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