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An antique farm equipment show

We went to this last Friday.  We were early and there wre not many lookers there yet.  We had lovely weather.
Dwain in green shirt.

I really like the big steam engines.

This fellow told me his name was Shug.  He must be 90 or more.  The little dog on the seat beside him is not his, she belongs to a friend.  She likes to ride, though.

Here she is assisting her person with the plowing demonstration.

She soon found herself a shady spot, but she kept an eye on that team and the plowing!

This engine was hooked up to the sawmill.

Here's the saw.

Great pics .......I also like those kind of days.

If it's old it should be working..........not rusting up in a barn.

Do you have any vintage machinery yourselves?

Dwain falls into the vintage machinery catagory.

Other than that, not really.  I'd love to have a steam engine.  I got the chance to drive one around at one of these shows.  It was wonderful!

Great to the old stuff working great pics

It was a pretty good collection of equipment.  Fun to see it.

My OH's father was bought up on a farm when they used that sort of equipment as the norm. His Grandfather had a threshing machine and went around the local farms in the harvest season. The stories that I have heard when my OH's family used to get together are marvelous. It was certainly a different era.

Yes, it was a different era.  People around here still share equipment and labor to a certain extent.

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