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An addition to our garden pond.

We're going to make an addition to our recently constructed garden wildlife pond. We're going to add a stream/rill to it. Here's the basic idea and the mechanics of how its going to work. We're using a cheap garden submersable pond and an off cut of liner from the original pond liner. I'll keep you updated as it progresses but you should be able to get the basic idea from these first photos.



Like it....

We've had it set up like that for the last few days to see if we like it and the blackbirds have never been out of it.


We get sparrows and blackbirds sitting on the lily pads and bathing themselves

I do wish I had room for a pond.  

Doing that would help clear the water too would it not

As you say Sod....a few months back our water feature  pump packed up....
We were out one evening a couple of weeks back, eating 'al fresco style'   (posh urund 'ere mate '...)
The pond was green and it really did stink...lots of the usual banter of course, ref' the smell...
Next day purchased a new pump, cleaned it out , fresh water,,spot on now...
no more green stagnant water, its amazing a little movement makes a great deal of difference..

I need to completely redo my pond. It's in the wrong place - I can't get at two sides of it to trim/cut/weed/clean etc. and consequently it's got out of hand.

I'm thinking of filling it in and sinking a much smaller liner with a SOLAR pump/filter. Are they any good?

If I can split them up easily I'll have loads of irises if you'd like some bodger.

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