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An absolute treasure chest.

Last night I was called out of pest control retirement to sort out a wasps nest in a porch belonging to some very good friends. The wasps weren't a problem and I quickly dealt with them, then Karen and I spent a pleasant evening in very good company.
Over a drink or two, our hosts let it be known that they'd spent the last few days sorting out their extensive book collection and that they'd got quite a few that they wanted to get rid of. I half jokingly asked them what they'd got to go and well, I'm glad that I did, because at the end of the evening, I returned home with what to me, is a box full of absolute treasure.
Starting in the late 19th century and onwards, I have cookery  books and pamphlets  from various ministry's etc from both the first and the second world war periods telling the populace how to cook food and generally make ends meet. I can't wait to start going through my treasure and finding out exactly what I have in my cardboard box. Watch this space for updates, I'm sure that some of my finds will be right up your street.


Sounds like your in for some fun

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