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Fey Dunnabitt

Amish - Plain People

I think I'd have liked to be one, although the beards are a disadvantage and the Sunday meetings rather long.
Look at this beautiful horse and buggy.
and the lovely furniture and quilts and the lamps
but, above all, the simplicity and quietness and ideals of honesty. Well, I know I'm probably idealising, but compared with most modern life, I think it'd be lovely.

I have been to Amish places many times, Amish in Pensylvania and Mennonites in Ontario, the Amish are good with inanimate objects but I would not want to be one of their horses, they use them to death, keep them skinny, and I have seen some horse sales where your heart strings would tug mightily.  They puppy farm as well, consider animals tools.  I am of course tarring all here with the same brush and I am sure some are better than others....but I would not buy amish furniture or quilts after having seen the way some of the animals are dealt  with.
Fey Dunnabitt

Well! I thought I must be idealising - one always does about such lifestyles - but the animal welfare side of it hadn't occurred to me. There's also the anti-education part, that they disapprove of further education after basic schooling - and probably of novel-reading. Thanks - now I needn't regret that I wasn't one.

I'm sure that there must be other simple communities out there that don't have the down sides mentioned above :-?  Perhaps we should start our own?

I agree with conundrum about the Amish.  They do not treat their horses well and they do have puppy mills.  There were some Amish at a terrier trial I attended, and I just shuddered at the thought they might be there trying to buy breeding stock.  I never saw them again at one, thank goodness.  They are not bad folks, but are not sentimental about their animals.  

OH has has some business dealings with a few of the Amish.  He advised the person buying the materials for re-doing buggy seats to buy the better quality material.  The man didn't want to do that, as the better quality material "would not wear out, and I wouldn't get the job re-doing it!"  :smt103

Ill-treating horses and running puppy farms aren't restricted to the Amish unfortunatley :-?

I couldn't be one, I'd look bdooly stoopid in them hats! rolleyes.gif

They do make some fantastic goat carts ,though after what you've said about horses and puppies I'm not sure I want to know how they use them. I've often thought about training one of my wethers to pull a cart.

I guess their attitude to animals comes from their Swiss [??] roots. I've noticed a lot of the Europeans aren't as sentimental about animals as the English. Certainly apart from dogs, the Swedes seem to see animals as tools, and think I'm very soft on mine. Each to their own I suppose.

Y'know I didn't know that about the Amish. Thanks for putting us straight Conundrum. I suppose, like a lot of people, I picture that idyllic 'raising of the barn' scene from 'Witness' as typical of Amish life.

One only has to think back to when Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty to expose the reality of life for working horses in Britain, to realise that animals were/are treated differently when human lifestyle depends on them. I never thought I'd say this but the combustion engine has done a lot for animal welfare!!  

There is an Amish (type) community in the south of England that produces wooden nursery and education furniture to sell to education authorities etc. I used to come across their catalogues when I worked in the construction industry - couldn't understand at first, why the children in the illustrations were all wearing headscarves!!

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