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I can not get over my pony, this morning before it got too warm we done a 6 mile ride and then my 7 year old grandson and his friend came down for a ride. They both rode him on their own, my grandsons friend had never even sat on a pony before and the pony is a saint.
I do alot of sponcered rides on him of between 6 to 12 miles, he pops a fence and has come on so much from the very hairy ex driving pony i brought.

Looking good!

It's great when you know you have a good 'un!


I love the temperament of coloureds

Nice! What a grand picture!

he is lovely  

He is a lovely boy, ones with a lovely nature are worth their weight in gold.



Thankyou all, i feel so lucky to have this pony and if my friend who saw his advert had not of pushed me i would not own him now.
He,s been to Appleby and lived on a tether but i think he enjoys his life now and hes not spoilt (much).
I ride 5 to 6 times aweek and he really tries for you and yes he is worth his weight in gold, he also has a home for life i could never sell him.
I have had a few people who have had a moan at me because he is clipped but as i am not showing him and doing lots of rides im sure he fells better without all his hair.

I used to clip my Welsh secD all year round. He just used to get so sweaty and a trace clip was ideal for him and he did love a gallop bless him! Yours looks a poppet! Love Lizzie


This was scooby on the day i brought him home. Febuary 2010
stir crazy

good on ya. so pleased you are enjoying him. do not underestimate the effect a good, caring home can have on a horse, you have to take some of the credit

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