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Alresford Agri show

Had the pleasure of helping Chalkwarren on his rabbit and mole control stand yesterday at the Alresford show. It was a little quieter than usual but we had a good day all the same.

By some coincedence the show organisers had managed to site us next door to the scrumpy tent.....not quiet sure how we managed to stay sober but I have to say, some of the tipples were very tasty indeed...

I'm sure we were visited by more than our fair share of 'characters'. The first visitor of the day told us how she shoots moles with a shotgun.
          'You have to be out at dawn because that's when they are busy. Sometimes you have to dig them up and finish them off!'

Excellent.....hahaha.....the most she'd had was twenty seven. Another guy sucked one up with a vacuum cleaner.....  

The lad with us brought his young lurcher along for the day.....its amazing how many people own running dogs. I know most of them dont work but they are still nice to see out and about. I was chatting to one lady with a little rough coated dog who claims the man that sold it to her could trace its family back to the 1900' amazes me what people will believe.

Another lad I was chatting to who done a bit of rabbitting said he had a lurcher. I asked him what its breeding was and he answered....'its a pure pedigree lurcher!'....... ......I've never seen one of them before.

Heh heh heh..................that's one of the things I love most about country fairs. Some of the characters you meet are absolutely priceless!

At the Scone Game Fair recently I spent about 20 minutes trying to get away from a bloke who was trying to convince me that 'tamed' mink are better than ferrets.................I remember trying to count his fingers, but both his hands were wrapped around a glass    

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