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got a new rod this week so i thought i would get out and dip
it in the water today   we got up the loch and set up
i had the first rod in the water only for 2 mad husky's to appear
and end up splashing thru the swim :swear:  
     we almost always get a bite early on but thought we might
not with the dogs going thru our swim  :swear:  
first to get a bite was me on my new rod  
pity i had forgot to put the bait runner on and it was almost lost to
the deep    :swear:  never got the fish when i got my rod back

took a few pics while we waited

then my other rod went    and i never struck quick
enough and never landed that fish ether  :swear:   must be
getting slow    
  then it was Iain`s turn his rod went and he never landed his fish ether  :swear:

deep in thought  

another couple of  pics

then lucky enough my third rod went and i managed to land a wee jack  

today was a laugh apart from getting a big hole in my wellie    

forgot my big camera and only had my wee one

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