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chicken feed

Almost there !!

The last few weeks have been a little mad around here. Last weekend we attended the English winter fair coming home with a 1st two 2nd's and a third we sold all four in the auction on the sunday reducing the feed bill slightly. Yesterday saw us doing a 640 mile round trip to deliver 3 breeding pigs making them the start of a second herd of Lops in Scotland. Today will see me wave off 5 more leaving us with the least amount of pigs on site ever. The reduction does not stop there next wednesday we head for another Fat stock showing and selling two more. All of this on top of the other breeding stock we have sold this year sees us going from a 5 boar herd down to a one boar herd. We shall be starting a new chapter in our piggy path a week sunday with more to follow over the next few weeks !! feed savings will be short lived  :roll eyes:.

But in the mean time I shall be showing sheep at Smithfield tomorrow for  friend wish me luck 14 pairs and only 2 pairs have seen a head collar.

Sunday we will load two of our vintage tractors and take them to their new owner.

Sheep showing ? Is there no end to your talent?   It sounds as though you're having a right good rid out. You'll have to tell me how you've done it.

Good luck

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