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All together

paid a visit to the in-laws and decided whilst we were there we'd grab a photo of our mob on the lawn.
So sat nicely behaving themselves are the three young spaniels [l-r] Abel, only 8 months but will end up the biggest, Fusey the springer, my delightful pocket rocket hoping for pups from her in the summer, and finally Beren he's a ferrari with the traction control switched off, you know you're working that dog.

Then because they;re 10 1/2 they dont do sitting they take a more leisurely approaching to posing, looking older, greyer and more portly than in their prime on the OTG start page with all the photos on are Derek and Clive, semi retired and a bit slow now Derek and Clive ive got bad hips but it wont stop me galloping like a lunatic if i can just escape long enough....yes that blur is a tail wag i just cant help it.

Plan is for another ESS to join us in the summer, home bred bitch ideally fingers crossed  

Lovely group and all the best with your breeding plans!

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