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All hands to the pump tomorrow

It will quite literally be a case of all hands  to the pump tomorrow. We're going to be blending this cider

with this cider.

This is the pump that we bought a few weeks ago.

All in all, we'll be blending just over 1500 litres of cider.
Today, we went shopping for the fittings for the pump and also bought 50 metres of 32mm blue piping.

The cider is going to be blended in eight of these 220 litre barrels.

Tomorrow morning, they'll get a good pressure washing before being sterilised with a solution of Sodium metabisulphite. We picked up a new pressure washer from Wilkinsons in Porthmadog today for a hundred quid. I think we got a pretty good deal. Its a Karcher 2.300. I love it when things are happening and we're busy.

hope all goes well  

You are going to be busy Is the washer electric if so may be same as one of ours, had it for while now and it is great hope yours the same

It's really happening! Yay!  

Good going, ours is still fermenting and seems to have a bit of a way to go. Its been racked off once. Tastings have revealed an interesting brew, light but strong and easy to drink. The apples were very sweet last year. Might add some tannins. Should be getting it into whiskey barrels soon. Will be building a new press any weekend soon, have sourced a ram, pump and quite a bit of the metal.
Just wondering where to buy a suitable material for the cloths from.

I cut up & hemmed a dust sheet from B&Q  

We used some old plain net was ok..ish

when we made some a few years ago we used some hessian sacks after putting them through the washing machine  

will you be selling it mail order? if you are put me down for some!!

Net curtain and hessian sacks are both good ideas, but I think the hydraulic press would probably burst the net curtain, though I supose you could double it up. The hessian might work, but would prefer something synthetic really for ease of cleaning and fast drying.

Let me know what dimensions you need for your cloths and I may know a man who can.

Hi Bodger,
Thank you, will do !

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