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All Conkering Dads?

Its the conkering season again ! Well at least it would be if the tradition of conkering was still going strong. Alas, it isn't   It's just something else that's been replaced for todays youngsters by computers and play stations.
As a kid in the 60's, at this time of the year we would spend days and days  hunting down the biggest and best Horse Chestnuts. Conkering was always a great event in the ' Proper Kids ' calendar, almost on a par with Bonfire Night !

If you can still remember being at school, then you'll recall there  always being one kid, whose dad knew the best conkering spots and that he rocked up every year with tons of the biggest and shiniest ones  imaginable .
Well when my own children were at school, I tried to make sure that the smarmy kids were mine. I got a heck of a kick out of collecting conkers for them and I made them have them whether they wanted them or not.
I've got fond memories of conkering with my dad, I hope that my children have similar ones. These days, its only old blokes and trendies who're keeping the pursuit alive, what's the world coming to?

This morning, Karen collected some fallen conkers from our own trees. Why?   To put in the sock draws to ward off the Clothes Moths of course. What a waste !

I was collecting them from the river banks yesterday in readiness of the grandkids arrival soon. Wonder who hurts their arm first!

A lot of schools have banned playing with conkers on health and safety grounds, if they do allow them it,s googles on time

At our school we have the Year 7 House conkers, always a fierce battle!

I also remember spending hour upon hour collecting conkers  
Then back home to try and find the best "cheat" to make them harder and more likely to be a winner  
Drying in the oven (when Mum was out shopping) , pickling in vinegar, etc.
Bore the hole, good bit of strong butchers string and into battle.  
Ipads, tablets, game pads, pha. Todays kids haven't got a clue what their missing.

Mine collected their conkers every year down Strathclyde Park….half a carrier bagful did them for a few weeks.
One year though they didn't get through them, and I found the bag with foosty looking mould growing on the chestnuts and threw them out into my compost heap…..where come Springtime, it turned out that compost heaps are the beesknees for germinating chessies….so I phoned the park Rangers and they were absolutely delighted. They had a large tree nursery but could not get chestnuts to sprout.
S'easy   so 130+ chestnut tree seedlings ….foot high both ends, roots and shoots….were duly transported back to the park.

They looked like the biggest beansprouts I'd ever seen

Most kids haven't a clue about any toy that's not plastic or electronic, these days  


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