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Aldi Blender.

Just enjoying a very nice banana, blueberry and kiwi smoothie middle daughter has made for us using our new blender, all of 17.99 from Aldi today. Seems a nicely made bit of kit with a 3 year warranty, maybe not up to industrial scale smoothie making but should certainly cope with the smoothie and soup I make. Blueberries and kiwis on the aldi 69p fruit and veg special as well.

I Have a Champion Juicer and I take bananas that are turning brown- they're not spoiled, just becoming sweeter-Freeze them, then run them through the juicer (they never freeze rock hard). The end result tastes like Banana Ice Cream, all naturally sweet with no sugar added. Topped with chopped walnuts and you have a guilt free treat.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Making Ends Meet
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