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Hopefully today if the weather holds off youngest son and i are going Airsofting. Its something that we have been involded with for a number of years but our old venue was sold and so hav't been for the past year. We have built a full armoury over the years and have always enjoyed going, the new place is in woods and is superb, so heres hoping the weather stays kind and we have a good day.
My arm is still in a cast so i shall get holed up and snipe.

Please forgive my ignorance but what is airsofting
Grandma Bodger

your not on your own Horace thank goodness you asked  

This is airsofting;

But office Nerf looks to be a lot more fun

This is ours

What a great day tired out everyone had a really good time weather was ok. we all got really muddy and a few blood wheels along the way.

Thanks for explanation  

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