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Just got back from after school run and as I was passing a stall on the side of the road I spied pots of Agapanthus going really cheap. I bought 2 big clumps for 5 and am wondering if I can put them in tubs??? I have no really sunny spots left in the garden but have several spaces left for pots by the front door which is sunny for most of the day. Do they need any special care please?? Love Lizzie

Yes, they like pots, but will quickly fill them.  They like being quite tight in and will flower better if you keep them like this - give them more room and they will just expand but not flower.
Not frost free - we lost our potted ones this year, but the ones in the ground have survived but look crap this spring - will cover next winter.
loopy lou

i had agapanthus in tubs for a few years - they were stunning and then i split the clump and is in the flowerbed now - survived the winter

i havent done anything special with them and they are rewarding me every year

so i say yes put them in tubs, they will be happy for a few years and then you might have to move them on


Agapanthus really thrives in the Fife area of Scotland.

Agapanthus in pots

Great in pots! Use a mix of 2 parts MP to one of loam/J.I. and they'll last for years!

It's a shame I can't send you some seeds! I've got loads here, I love them, although it some areas of NZ they are classed as an invasive weed!!!

If you plant them in the ground, be warned that those roots will take hold and you will have real problems getting rid of them should you need to. So pots would be a better option.

Those roots however are fantastic for holding banks and slopes that are prone to slipping.

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