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After Sandrar's Question...

All about ' Cutting Flowers'....I got to thinking...yes I Know all the answers.. about me thinking.
I've had yet another very lazy day....looking though my diaries (list on scrap paper really.) and a couple of books, ....and as I have a reasonably new garden to me and not only am I interested in Vedge growing, but also love the flower garden..
( Just say Go away if I'm boring you, believe me I won't be offended..)

What I'm thinking about is creating an all year flower garden, I'm thinking of my own garden obviously....
Basically is any one else interested....?

Iv'e lists of plants grown over the years and I  am  now starting all over again with the new garden.
If anyone is interested..
I'll set up a thread "The All Year Garden"....Each one can add their choices. Allowing where we all live, diverse weather and so on.

Will add come Oct', Nov' and Dec', will mainly be shrubs ' bark, textures  you all know...

I'll await your answers before I type out all my findings....

Thanks for taking the time to read this...appreciated


Being impressed with the idea, but having no sensible suggestions, can I just say "Astroturf" for the winter months?

12Bore wrote:
Being impressed with the idea, but having no sensible suggestions, can I just say "Astroturf" for the winter months?

What you loike12bore.....crack me up....    

My uncle has actually laid 2/3 of his garden to astroturf, its amusing when he goes out to hoover it....

We're up for that DD.

There are quite a few winter flowers, and there is something in flower every day of the year in my garden, its high, but I have planted trees for shelter and try to tuck things round against the house or in odd corners for added protection

Each New Years Day (apart from snowy ones) I used to go round the garden and pick flowers that were in bloom and bring them into the house to make an arrangement, though I not having been brilliantly well lately didn't actually do it this year.

Here was the last arrangement I photographed, and it was 2012 so it wasn't from one of those exceptionally mild winters

The rose is Old Blush China and most years there is a bud or two hanging on over the Christmas New Year period.  The daffs are January Gold and most winters are flowering by Christmas in mild years November.  Winter Honeysuckle is good, as is Mahonia and the Viburnums and Daphne all beautifully scented  Garrya Elliptica is reliable and easy - And the rest you probably know


Sue that is beautiful !!!!

DD I'm up for it. Ever since I 've been married 33 years ago I've challenged myself to have at least one plant flowering in the garden each day of the year.

Thanks Sandra - its a nice thing to do on New Year's Day - I have always been too busy to get a walk on Christmas Day, but by New Years one is beginning to feel a bit less stressed - before the cameras were so easy I used to make a note of them all in my Year Book

I may 'borrow' that idea if you don't mind. A lovely start to the New Year but I'm sure I won't be able to come up with anything quite so lovely.

Years ago someone gave me a diary and as I used a business diary at the time and this was a pretty one I kept it and carefully blanked out the "days of the week" and have used it over the years as a Year Book, noting first swallows, when the snowdrops are particularly early, maybugs at the window, and lots of other little snippets.  

Its quite interesting to leaf back through though I never made as many notes as I might have

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