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Advice please

I got my first hive last year and after the terrible year someone thought it would be fun to cut the strap and push it over. When I checked it, it was on it's side split open with freezing rain pouring in. I put it all back together and left it till march and saw no activity. Opened it up and all were dead, so I just emptied the dead bees out put it all together and have left it with the intention of sorting it out at some point.
Well the other day there were bees entering and leaving only about half a dozen or so but definite activity. Are these just visitors or a few survivors, there seem too few to be a swarm. Do I leave them to it or open it and potentially disturb them.  

They are probably just investigating it.....

You should remove the hive, take it apart and blowtorch to disinfect.

And then site to attract a swarm....although tbh, you havnyt got a lot of time yet to build up (as we are past the solstice and this is the peak of colony growth).

Thanks, I thought that might be it, right I'll do as you say re the blow torch, but where the best place to attract bees?

High place.

We put a bait hive on the top of our flat roof extension.  The smell of wax and used (but clean) comb will attract.  You could also rub the inside of the brood box with lemon balm - this is supposed to lure bees.

Its just luck.

We are isolated from any nearby hives, so its a long shot to get a swarm, but I have another bait hive in an orchard 2 miles down the road.....its sheltered and there are beekeepers around, so its a better bet.

Missed this, thanks a lot I'll let you know if it works cheers.

Gave the hive a tickle after this to clean it up a bit. And have since ignore it pretty much, last week one of my lads expressed an interest in taking it over which I thought was great, so in a break from loading logs yesterday we had a wander over to have a look and show him the interior.
As we got there hundreds of bees were taking tonnes of pollen (maybe not tonnes) in and a strong buzzing could be heard as we approached.
What a bit of luck, plus I'm pleased it's given the bees an opportunity to thrive a bit.
I'll try to get a pic as they look very dark to me.
Me and the lad were like this over a brew later  

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