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Advice needed on Saanen goats

hi there.  Can anyone offer any advice.  I'm helping a 87 year old goat breeder with her goats as she is finding it increasingly harder due to her frailty.  My own opinion is that she should give them up for a few reasons due to her not being able to manage them properly but she wont hear of it and suggests that she would die should they have to go as they are her only friends.

I am trying to help tag them, at age 6 months, she managed to tag the first kid after some struggling but the next attempts resulted in the tags not aligning properly and not connecting properly.  Tried to tag a couple of others but they ended up getting too stressed and each time the tag missed.  I'm not sure if its the mouth of the pliers that have been damaged just enough for them not to hold the tag firmly enough or if its the ear being too thick that is fluffing our efforts.  WE are using Deminex tags and pliers.  I've only ever tagged lambs before and they were a lot younger so maybe easier to do?

Any advice welcomed...

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