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Why have I/We started getting ads at top of page and foot of last post?

Me too - was taken aback


Get them off get them off!                    nono.gif

I hate them, get them off        :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:

OTG pays to have them removed - I believe it's an annual thing and no doubt when Admin get back they will do the necessary to send the ads into oblivion.

Please bear with us.

Thank you


I think that bodger needs to put another shilling or two in the meter to keep OTG ad free.

You lot are just spoilt!

Are all the forums that you go on advert free?

For me it's a mix - some are Ad Free, some aren't. I admit OTG is now my only regularly visited forum and it's nice not to have the Pop-up blocker clicking in the background.

Kaz, can't speak for anyone else, but I'd be happy to contribute a couple of pounds towards the cost of the cost of the anti-ad charge you guys pay yearly!

Thanks for the offer Eschra (and others ) but it's a small price for us to pay for the enjoyment and friendship that we get from the forum.

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