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Adirondack Mountain fishing.

My lovely bride and I just got back from five days in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State.  Tough time of year for fishing as it's an early morning or evening hatch that gets the trout feeding.  Thought I'd share a few photos.

The view from our room balcony in Lake Placid, home of the winter olympics in 1932 and 1980.  Ski jumps in the left side of the photo.

Heading out in the morning for a few hours of fishing.

West Branch of the Ausable River early in the morning. Very nice pocket water that yielded a few brown trout.  Day time temperatures around 80 degrees F but in the mid-50's at night helped keep the waters relatively cool for this time of year.

A new stretch of water I haven't fished before. Wide, fairly deep and looked sterile until the olive and trico hatches start between nine and ten in the morning and then the river came alive.
White Face mountain in the background.  Same river as the pictures above but five miles further upstream along a slower gradient.

Five or six rise forms from trout when the insects were active.

In addition to a few cooperative trout, I saw a black bear, got to watch a mink hunt/fish for about fifteen minutes one morning and watched an osprey labor off the water with a decent sized trout.


        great pics thanks for sharing

Beautiful country.  Many mosquitoes in that area?

Appreciate the comments and glad you've enjoyed the photos.

Bugs normally aren't bad this time of year.  A few mosquito bites when walking along the trails in the bush but pretty much disappear once you're on the water.

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing and of course congratulations to you and your Bride  

Thanks for the comments MrsWW.  I always call her my lovely bride even though we've been married 32 years now...

adirondack-jim wrote:
I always call her my lovely bride even though we've been married 32 years now...

Now that is LUUURRRVVVEEE - congratulations on your 32, we're heading towards 11  


I think you need to organise an exchange visit for three eager fishermen from this side of the Atlantic, two of them proficient, one (me) a complete novice but happy to learn  

Some sort of cultural fact finding mission or something maybe? and then we can return the favour so you and the missus can come here.

The real trick will be getting our respective governments to fund it - we're going through a round of government belt-tightening at the moment so it might take a bit of doing, but your Mr Obama seems to be an easy mark for all kinds of strange schemes - so you never know  

That picture of the river with the mist rising off it is just magical  

I've actually skied in New York state - at a place called Ellicotville? I used to work with a company in Toronto and their CEO had a ski house there. That was a few years ago

Thank you MrsWW for the kind words.

Milton, I'll get an email off to our president today and see if he'll fund such a cultural exchange...please hold your breath...

Holiday Valley is the ski resort in Ellicottville, about two hours southwest of us.  A very nice place to stay and ski.

No spot the critter pictures then?      

I've got one but it's so far away it won't really work.  Once I'm back at work I can download a few I took with my cell phone and see if one of those may work.

A truly stunning fishing spot Jim, you're very lucky. I know what you mean about those wide slow stretches, they can look completely empty with no 'fishy' looking pools for you to target until the fish start moving.

Milton, capital Idea sir!  I'll fet onto the embassy straight away.

I've had a few hunting and fishing exchange visits with our American cousins, so why not some more ?


With flatiron, its more like a brother than a cousin, granted an ugly brother but a brother all the same.

A nice bag of Perch there bodger.  

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