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Addicted to Sheep.

We're going to go along to Pwllheli Cinema tonight to watch this film.
Dave C

Well i'm in shock john, just watched the trailer and its about 20 - 30 mins from me  

The fell they are on is where i beat the grouse

Its 5 mins from my shoot which we also rent off Raby land (Lord Barnard)

And the local show they were at is Eggleston, which i goto every year and put up a post on here last year

in the trailer the young lad stood behind them at the sheep show, beats on our shoot  

I know alot of the farmers round that area, so will have to give it a watch.
Small world

Let me know what its like.

We've got a house full bursting at the seams, so Kaz and I are going to escape for a few hours.

An  excellent, excellent film. It was made thanks to crowd funding. If you get the chance to go and watch it, then take it. It really shows how hard the life of a fell farmer and his family still is. A real eye opener.

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